Supporting trial Spaniels in Scotland

Supporting trial Spaniels in Scotland

Breeder name: David Hamilton

Location: Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

David Hamilton has been a spaniel enthusiast for over 30 years and for the past 15 years has competed at the highest level in working trials with his spaniels. The demands of a top-flight trials dog mean that skimping on food quality is not an option. They need to be kept in optimal body condition with good muscle tone, a robust healthy coat and the diet also needs to meet their increased energy requirements.

Switching to EUKANUBA

For a long time, David struggled to keep his trial dogs in the best condition to compete at the highest level. Although they were always fit and ready to run, they struggled with endurance. Over the years, he has used many different brands of food from the cheaper supermarket brands to the high-end premium brands.


David switched to EUKANUBA Premium Performance following a visit from EUKANUBA's breeder manager. David was impressed by the exceptionally high quality standards we adhere to, providing consistency in every batch. This quality also extended to the ingredients used. The protein in our foods comes from high quality animal sources like chicken, lamb and fish. David quickly noticed a difference in his dogs after switching.

“Within only two weeks of feeding EUKANUBA I noted the vast difference in coat condition and muscle tone. Their stamina increased and they were performing much better. They were more alert, sharper all round and started to win awards at field trial events”.

David now feeds EUKANUBA to all his dogs. In addition, he raises his puppies on EUKANUBA Puppy food for medium breed dogs and confirms they are healthy, robust and full of energy.

“I can't recommend EUKANUBA strongly enough to breeders and trainers of any breed” said David “It can enhance the physical condition of dogs, plus we've found it provides the added benefit that the waste (stools) generated is much less”.