Our Ambassadors

Real dogs, living real lives, in real homes

Here they are - real dogs, living real lives in real homes with real results.

Five dogs who changed from various dog foods to NEW & IMPROVED EUKANUBA with amazing results.


Watch this video to see their goals and transformations, then scroll down to see their individual 12 week journeys in more detail.

EUKANUBA Ambassadors Results


Our Ambassadors

Click on their names below to reveal  more about their individual stories, goals and results

  Growing PUPPY


  Goal: Maintain his healthy teeth and gums
  Developing JUNIOR


Goal: Develop his overall body condition
  Active ADULT


 Goal: Support his coat and tummy health
  Active ADULT


 Goal: Increase her energy for an active life
  Thriving MATURE


  Goal: Help get him into shape by losing excess weight