Caring Senior Shiloh

Our Caring Senior Shiloh

Shiloh is 10 years old, that’s approximately 70-80 in human years Not only is this beautiful boy living a long life he’s living a healthy life too; still playing and jumping around with his 18 month old son Reuben, keeping his manners in check, just like any Dad needs to do.

But a few years ago, Shiloh underwent life-saving surgery for a Gastric Volvulus (a true emergency when the stomach rotates completely and cuts off the blood supply), he defeated the overwhelming odds and pulled through and ever since owner Corinne has done everything she can to prevent this physically and emotionally painful experience from happening again. 

After seeing how incredibly well her other dog, Reuben was doing on EUKANUBA, she decided to switch Shiloh to EUKANUBA Caring Senior and they haven’t looked back. 

As so often happens with old age, dogs can lose muscle tone and body fat.  The higher fat content in the EUKANUBA Caring Senior recipe is helping Shiloh to avoid these body condition losses and the higher protein content is helping to slow down age associated muscle wastage. 

This means Shiloh still has the strength to play with his sometimes-unruly son, Reuben.  So, who knows, perhaps this old dog can teach his young son some new tricks. 

“Having nearly lost Shiloh, he’s very precious to me so I want to give him the best food I can, that’s why I feed him EUKANUBA”

Corinne Mutlow