Eukanuba Giving Back Terms & Conditions

  • Eligibility and Requirements
    • To be eligible and accepted into the Eukanuba Feeding program all nominees must;
      • Be a registered charity or rescue canter in the United Kingdom.
      • Agree to a visit by a Eukanuba team member either in person or through a virtual tour.
  • Rewards and donations
    • Donation recipients will be chosen at random from eligible nominations
    • All approved members of the program with receive a monthly delivery of Eukanuba for three months from a mutually agreed start date.
    • The volume of Eukanuba supplied will be suitable for the size of the charity and number of animals that require feeding.
    • Specific product flavour or breed size suitability cannot be guaranteed, but all efforts will be made to match any donation to the requirements of the recipient.
    • All donations from Eukanuba are strictly for the purpose of feeding the housed animals and under no circumstances can be sold or traded in any form unless written permission is provided by a Eukanuba Team member. Any attempt to sell the product will result in immediate termination of future deliveries and existing agreements.
    • Eukanuba has the right to suspend or terminate the partnership at any time.
      Eukanuba reserves the right to change the terms & conditions at any time without prior notice.