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We happily recommend it

“We have bred and shown dogs between us for over 50 years and over this time we have fed many dog foods. For the last 8 years we have been feeding Eukanuba to all the dogs in our kennel we have Pointers, Weimaraner’s and not forgetting the Cocker Spaniel. All are gundogs but very different to feed and we have found that Eukanuba has suited them all for great coats, body and condition.
A lot of people will say “you have to breed the conformation” but you have to put that something extra into them to help get them in to excellent show condition. We can honestly say we have reared show champions on the food from the Whelping stage right through to the show ring and been inspired so much that we happily recommended it to anyone that asks our advice. Thank you to Eukanuba for our fit and healthy companions.”

John Evans & Peter Pavey - Joneva

Super palatable for the pups

I have fed Eukanuba to my Rainesgift Flat Coated Retrievers for the vast majority of the last 24 years. My current adults are all fed on Eukanuba.
My latest litter of Flat Coats (now 7 months old) were reared on Eukanuba Puppy and as usual I was thrilled with the results. The weaning process is easy and hassle free. The food soaks down and makes it super palatable for the pups. Going forward the kibble size is easy and manageable to be fed dry. There were no episodes of loose stools which can happen so easily in a litter.
The puppy packs arrived on time and were very informative for the new owners. I always send my puppies out with a big bag of Eukanuba as I find this encourages the new owners to stick with it. I also find the ease of the pups remaining of a food that they can stay on for the next year to 18 months is so much less complicated for the new owners. This latest litter have remained on Eukanuba and all have continued to maintain a very healthy appetite.
Our puppy is now 7 month old and like the rest of our Flat Coats has a thick healthy skin and a super coat. She has incredible bone as do her 3 brothers who all live locally. In September our new Sealyham Terrier puppy was born and luckily her and her siblings were also reared on Eukanuba making the transition into our home a very easy one.
For me Eukanuba is definitely the only food to raise your litter on.

Hayley Watson - Rainesgift Flat Coated Retrievers
Vicky Griffiths - Bullmastiffs

I love the Eukanuba Puppy Packs

I love the Eukanuba Puppy Packs, they are much improved in a single box and are ideal to send puppies off to their new homes with.
It is important that they continue on the food they are reared on and this is a big help with the complete food enclosed in the packs.

Vicky Griffiths - Bullmastiffs

My dogs developed beautiful muscle tone

I have fed Eukanuba to generations of my dogs over 30 years. I feel it’s the best possible start for them. My puppies are weaned on Eukanuba then fed on puppy through to the appropriate adult range. I find all my dogs develop beautiful muscle tone and have excellent levels of energy and a bright attitude to life. As a bonus their coats are shiny full healthy coats . My dogs whole heartedly recommend the Eukanuba range as do I.

Niki Keeler
Sarah Jackson

The best food for starting a puppy’s life

Eukanuba is the best food for starting a puppy’s life. It’s got all the right ingredients and the puppies do very well. It puts good weight on them and their coat and skin look good. I recommend it to all my new puppy owners as it the best out there.

Sarah Jackson - Benatone Maltese most successful breeder in the U.K. home of some of the top winning Maltese of all time.

Great appetites

I breed and work very active working gundogs and have fed Eukanuba for many years. I find the range of foods fulfils all my requirements for young dogs, with an everyday option for the older retired dogs. My puppies are weaned very successfully on Eukanuba and turn out in excellent condition with great appetites. The puppy packs are very much appreciated by the new owners as they contain a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and the growing puppy and the vouchers are an added bonus.


Glorious shiny coats and healthy skin

After nearly 3 years of feeding Eukanuba we are really satisfied with the condition, the fitness and the overall health of the dogs.
Akita’s take some conditioning to be in top form even with a year off showing with covid the dogs are 10/10.
If the dogs are happy on the inside they are on the outside and it really shows with their glorious shiny coats and healthy skin.

Carol, Faye & Rachael - Stecal Akita’s