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Good for your dogs and the environment

You can trust us

At Eukanuba we are committed to developing pet foods you can trust.

Not only do we strive to provide the very best nutritional support for pets through a high standard of manufacturing and quality production processes but we also produce them in a way which minimises the impact on our planet. 

Here we will show how as a brand we never compromise or cut corners – that is our promise to you.

High Standards

Did you know each bag of Eukanuba you feed has undertaken over 120 rigorous checks throughout every stage of the manufacturing process?  We go to these lengths to ensure only the highest quality arrives in your dog’s bowl.

High standards of food safety, quality and hygiene are achieved throughout all of our manufacturing activities.

We follow a Good Manufacturing Process and meet strict European standards by adhering to a strong Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system. 

This is controlled by the Dutch NVWA authorities and by doing so keeps our products as free as possible from biological, chemical and physical contaminants.

Ensuring compliance and going above and beyond with our own rigorous processes fuels a food safety management programme.  This allows us to deliver high quality, nutritious and healthy food to pets across Europe.

Check, check and check again

Our products are manufactured with great care, to exact specifications and tried and tested recipes.

We track and monitor every single ingredient, testing batches as often as every 30 minutes to ensure consistent weight, coding, dates and packaging seals.

Working at this level means we are eligible to supply our pet food to countries with the most demanding food safety requirements.

We’re committed to quality

Our products are dated for freshness and coded to ensure traceability back to source at all times

Protein, fat, moisture ash and bulk density specifications are analysed across every product throughout the production

Cutting edge technology is used to guarantee quality and complete rigorous cleaning processes which meet high quality hygiene standards.


Quality of ingredients is key

The quality of ingredients continues to be a key aspect of the purchasing decision for breeders across the UK across.

For this reason, we only work with highly reputable suppliers who adhere to our exceptional standards and principles.

We carefully manage all of our suppliers, maintaining close relationships with them to ensure they meet our own high standards of quality and safety.

Throughout our entire supply chain, we carry out regular audits and our rigorous due-diligence process scrutinises our suppliers’ safety, hygiene, pest control standards, quality of leadership, packaging security, equipment tests and risk management techniques.

With such robust procedures in place, we never compromise on the quality of our suppliers and they must adhere to our strict standards. We can be certain they will consistently deliver the premium super ingredients needed to produce our nutritious pet food.

Our rigorous supplier due‑diligence:

All suppliers and providers have to adhere to our high standards and principles.   Our suppliers are quality audited and approved by our in-house teams and the ingredients supplied must always be of super premium quality.  

Nutritional Excellence

We are committed to developing pet food solutions that provide the very best nutritional support for your pets.

The principle source of protein in our pet food is top quality animal protein. This means we do not add any plant or vegetable proteins to ensure nutritional excellence for your pets.

We do not use:

• Artificial colours

• Artificial flavourings


• Fillers*

We know that every pet is different, which is why our nutritional range includes special diets and tailored nutrition for life stage, breed size, sensitivities and activity levels, catering to a wide range of requirements.

Looking after our planet

Sustainability is one of our top priorities - we know you care about reducing your carbon footprint and so do we.

We take pride in this commitment and as such have a number of measures in place to reduce the impact that pet food has on the environment.

For example, we move goods in bulk wherever possible, meaning:

• Fewer journeys

• Increased efficiency

• Less energy consumption

• Which makes our products more affordable.


We have a purpose built road from our warehouse to our factory train terminal. The specifically designed road maximises fuel efficiency and, with a quarter of our raw materials delivered by train, we reduce the number of truck journeys required daily.

As you may already know our manufacturing plant is in Coevorden, in the North East of the Netherlands.  The factory boasts a range of measures and technologies designed to reduce our environmental impact and to make our processes as self-sustaining as possible.

Our journey to manufacturing self-sufficiency so far:

• More than a quarter of our factory’s power is generated through our purpose built on-site windmill

• Our purpose built road maximises fuel efficiency and with 25% of our raw materials delivered by train, we save hundreds of truck journeys per year

• None of the manufacturing wastage from our factory goes into a landfill

• To minimise the impact of our factory operations on local resources, the water supply to our factory is harvested from rainwater

• Our factory grounds are kept naturally tidy thanks to a flock of local sheep that graze on the greenery

We’re proud that our manufacturing facility plays a vital role in shaping the future.


Ultimately, no matter which Eukanuba diet you choose for your dogs you can be certain they have been made with total care, not only for your dog’s health but for the environment too


Good for your dogs and the environment
Good for your dogs and the environment
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