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Never Compromise

We are uncompromising pet nutritionalists and enthusiasts. We think of dogs as more than just a pet and every day our mission is to make a positive difference in their lives. We do that by creating premium nutrition that helps to bring out the best in your dog.


FOR THE Breeders

Eukanuba has more than 45 years of expertise, development and experience, and we have made a commitment to create the very best nutrition for your dogs. Our dedication to create new innovations in high-performance pet nutrition continues, and you can be sure that we will keep going the extra mile so your dog can too.

For the WINNERS, FOR THE Breeders
For the WINNERS, FOR THE Breeders
Eukanuba - The Breeders Club


Breeders Club

Join the Eukanuba Breeders Club for free today to enjoy exclusive savings and benefits:

  • More value with the Eukanuba breeders bags and home delivery
  • Free puppy packs for new puppy owners*
  • Dedicated breeder team and careline service
Benefits of the Puppy Packs


Puppy Packs

Give new owners a complete pack with all the information they need to give their new puppy the right start in its new home. Each pack contains:

  • One bag of Eukanuba puppy food
  • Puppy book containing all the new owner needs to know about caring for their new addition
  • Money off coupon for puppy food
  • Development chart and food transition card to help smoothly transition the puppy onto adult food

* When you buy Eukanuba Breeder products from our e-shop.