our Developing Junior Ambassador Reuben

Meet our DEVELOPING JUNIOR Ambassador, 15 month old Reuben.


Although almost fully grown, our Large Breed Junior Ambassador will only fully reach adulthood at 18 months of age, until then his body condition is still developing. 


EUKANUBA Junior for Large and Giant breeds will safely and smoothly transition Reuben from puppy to adulthood.


“We’re hoping to see if Reuben’s body condition will develop and fill out a little more”


Name: Reuben

Age: 15 months

Breed: Weimaraner

Sex: Male

Hobbies: Pretending to be a lap dog, long walks on the beach and playing games with Shiloh his dad.

Previous diet: Royal Canin

New diet: EUKANUBA Developing Junior Large Breed

Month 1:

This week our handsome boy has yet again been crowned Best Of Breed, this means he’s earned his Junior Warrant and so has qualified to attend Crufts® for the rest of his life!

In between shows, Reuben’s really been enjoying his EUKANUBA food.
His mum Corinne has told us that Reuben’smotions are firmer and not so strong smelling” and that he seems to be filling out more” after just 2-3 weeks of eating EUKANUBA. 
This is great as Corinne has been trying to help Reuben gain a bit of extra body condition

Month 2:

Reuben is maturing gradually and looking in good health on his new EUKANUBA Developing Junior diet.

His coat is healthy and he’s maintaining good muscle tone and his eyes are bright and his teeth are clean.

His stools are still good and only go off track when eats something he knows full well he shouldn’t like a nice cow pat. Yuck.