Eukanuba Ambassador | Poppy

our Active Adult Ambassador Poppy

“I think everyone should feed EUKANUBA!”

- Roxy Carr



Poppy the Cockapoo is Roxy’s best friend, they’ve grown up together and Poppy’s happiness is the most important thing to 18 year old owner Roxy.

For Roxy, feeding time is more than simply providing energy, she wants Poppy to enjoy her food, that’s why Roxy used to feed Poppy a raw diet; she was convinced Poppy would love it.

As Roxy became more informed about the possible issuess around raw feeding, she became concerned about the risk of contamination.  Not only for her dog, but for her family as well.


Eukanuba, Rich in Fresh Chicken

When Roxy learned about the RICH levels of Fresh Chicken in EUKANUBA, she switched Poppy to EUKANUBA Active Adult.

Poppy actually prefers EUKANUBA to raw chicken now; I still can’t quite believe it.  Plus I don’t have to worry about adding anything to her diet because it’s complete and balanced.  She enjoys her EUKANUBA so dinnertime’s so much easier”  – says Roxy.

With the help of EUKANUBA Roxy and Poppy compete at a high level in dog agility, even winning awards at Crufts.