Eukanuba Ambassador | Poppy

our Active Adult Ambassador Poppy

“I think everyone should go onto EUKANUBA!”

- Roxy

Meet our ACTIVE ADULT Ambassador Poppy, who turns 6 years old in June.


Poppy is an agility champion whose pet parent, 16 year old Roxy describes Poppy as her best friend. 

Inspired by television winners Pudsey and Ashleigh, Roxy decided to get active together and began teaching Poppy tricks and competing in agility competitions all over the country.

We think our dynamic duo are destined for even greater success.


Roxy really wanted to see Poppy energy levels increase, a must-have for their increasingly active lifestyle.

To see Poppy's results watch the video below...





Name: Poppy

Age: 5 years and 11 months

Breed: Cockapoo

Sex: Female

Hobbies:Agility training, running around fields and playing with her poodle friend Fizz.

Previous diet: AVA and Raw Meat diet

New diet: EUKANUBA Active Adult Medium

Week 4:

“Poppy is a really fussy Cockapoo so persuading her to eat anything new is a challenge.  She was eating a raw meat diet mixed with a bit of dry food so I was concerned that moving to EUKANUBA alone, without the raw meat would be challenging.


I’m so happy that she’s proved me wrong and after slowly moving her over to eating NEW EUKANUBA Active Adult she’s eating it so well.  In fact she likes it so much that she’s recommended it to her sister “Little Fizz” who is also enjoying it!” 

Week 8:

“The weather’s been so hot but Poppy’s keeping her energy levels up even in the heat.


She won a 1st place in Grade 4 Agility and is now Grade 5 which we didn’t think would be possible.


Poppy seems to have the same drive from the beginning through to the end of her agility training sessions now.  I’m really impressed because her energy levels are rocket high”