our Caring Senior Ambassador Molly

Meet our CARING SENIOR Ambassador, 9 year old Molly.


The Labrador with an infectious smile whose Dad Stephen says Molly has brought joy to his life. 

Molly knows exactly how to cheer people up and after spending so many years together, this caring dog is Stephen’s soul mate.


Like so many Senior dogs Molly has lost some muscle strength but the high quality Animal Protein in EUKANUBA should help.


The body condition benefit we’re hoping to see are to help build up the strength in her back legs and support her joints”


Name: Molly

Age: 9 years 

Breed: Labrador

Sex: Female

Hobbies: Eating, swimming, playing fetch and sleeping on Stephen’s bed.

Previous diet: A combination of various wet and dry foods

New diet: EUKANUBA Caring Senior Large Breed

Month 1:

Our caring Senior Molly is an older lady who knows exactly what she likes and after many years of eating mostly wet dog food mixed with some dry dog food, Molly has a preference for moist food.

Changing over to EUKANUBA was a bit more challenging for owner Stephen. He remained committed though and gradually changed her diet to dry NEW & IMPROVED EUKANUBA and after 2 weeks she’s finally eating dry EUKANUBA Caring Senior and no wet dog food.  Stephen says “she is really enjoying the food and in a dry food taste test, she picks Eukanuba”.

He also tells us that over the last few daysMolly's energy levels have increased and while out walking last week he saw 9-year-old Molly out run his younger Chocolate Labrador for the first time!