our Growing Puppy Ambassador Jasper

Meet our GROWING PUPPY Ambassador, 6 month old Jasper.


Newly engaged pet parents Rachael and Ivan are growing their family with the help of their beautiful Rough Collie.

Jasper’s still got lots to learn but DHA Omega 3 in EUKANUBA Growing Puppy will help him.

“The body condition benefit we’re hoping to see is healthy teeth and gums”


Name: Jasper

Age: 6 months

Breed: Rough Collie

Sex: Male

Hobbies: Chasing his tail, playing with children and learning new tricks

Previous diet: Old EUKANUBA

New diet: EUKANUBA Growing Puppy Large Breed

Month 1:

This week Jasper’s been enjoying his NEW & IMPROVED EUKANUBA Growing Puppy food so much that he’s even working for it as a training treat in puppy class!

Rachael and Ivan have been taking him out on lots of walks too and they’ve told us that picking up after Jasper is easier and less smelly, making poop scooping less effort.  Rachael says - Jasper’s poop is firmer with very little odour, must be thanks to the special fibres and Yucca extract in NEW EUKANUBA. 

As well as lots of walks, Jasper likes to listen to Classical music including our very own calming “A Dog’s Tale” which can be found on Spotify.

Month 2:

Jasper is still loving his Eukanuba Growing Puppy food.

Alongside brushing his teeth, the food is helping to keep his teeth nice and squeaky clean.

His coat is just amazing; it looks so glossy that people comment on it including dog show judges!