our Active Adult Ambassador Eddie

Meet our ACTIVE ADULT Ambassador, 1 year old Eddie.


Everyone loves Eddie and it's easy to see why. Small and perfectly formed this tiny dog has a giant heart and is super active. 

He’s the perfect companion for Lucy’s family, especially her sister Leah.



“The body condition benefits we’re hoping to see are healthy teeth and gums and more shine in his coat”


Name: Eddie

Age: 1 year

Breed: Dachshund

Sex: Male

Hobbies: Watching birds, going to fun dog shows and spending time with his family.

Previous diet: Old EUKANUBA

New diet: EUKANUBA Active Adult Small Breed

Month 1:

Eddie enjoys NEW EUKANUBA so much that he refuses to eat the old EUKANUBA recipe!

Like many smaller breeds, Eddie can be a little bit fussy but now this little Dachshund eats every kibble of EUKANUBA Active Adult in his bowl and like his other Ambassador friends he’s even working for these kibbles as training treats!

Lucy told us she was shocked when she tried using the kibbles as treats telling us thatEddie worked through the whole class using Eukanuba as a reward”.

Month 2:


It’s now week 8 of our EUKANUBA Ambassador feeding trial!  Eddie still continues to thrive, loves his meals and eats all his kibble in one sitting!


One physical change that we’ve really noticed in the past couple of weeks is his coat becoming a lot shinier, this is something that I really wanted to see improve in Eddie! His coat now looks glossy - and we’ve even had a few compliments on how lovely his coat is!

Since starting the Eukanuba ambassador programme Eddie has turned into a local celebrity and he now bumps into his followers on walks and around town - we always make sure to give them his pawtograph as well as a sample of Eukanuba for their furry friends