Eukanuba Ambassador | Eddie

our Active Adult Ambassador Eddie

Look at Eddie’s results.  Why would you want to feed your dog anything other than EUKANUBA?  I wouldn’t”

- Lucy Davenhill



Oh so cute and  oh so naughty, but everybody loves Eddie.

Perhaps it’s his shiny black nose, those big brown eyes or the comical way his little body shuffles from side to side as he bounces about.  Probably all of those things, but one thing’s certain EUKANUBA Active Adult has made a big difference to Eddie’s little body. 

According to owner Lucy, “since changing to EUKANUBA Active Adult, Eddie’s stools are smaller and less smelly, making ‘pick up’ time less unpleasant”.


Eukanuba, supporting healthy digestion

This is because EUKANUBA contains special fibres: Beet Pulp and FOS, to support digestion, while Yucca Extract has reduced offensive stool odours. 

Both Lucy and her sister Leah struggle with illness including Addison’s Disease, it means life can be quite challenging. 

“Feeding EUKANUBA makes my life easier, because it’s got all the vitamins and minerals Eddie needs, which means I don’t have to add anything to his diet.  That’s one less thing for me to worry about” - says Lucy.