our Thriving Mature Ambassador Charlie

“We love how EUKANUBA has helped Charlie.  I highly recommend it and I know Charlie would too”

- Charlotte

Meet our THRIVING MATURE Ambassador 7 year old cheeky Charlie.

A rescue dog who’s helped owners Charlotte and Francessca during some tough times.

Typical of more mature dogs Charlie’s been over loved with food and gained weight so Charlotte wanted EUKANUBA to help him lose those extra pounds.

To see Charlie's results, watch the video below...



Name: Charlie

Age: 7 years

Breed: Jack Russel x Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Sex: Male

Hobbies: Cuddling Francessca, running up and down the stairs and playing with children at the park.

Previous diet: Pedigree and Bakers

New diet: EUKANUBA Thriving Mature Small Breed


Week 4:

“It’s only been a few weeks but I’m sure Charlie’s coat already looks more shiny than before.


I’m finding it hard not to feed him as many treats but I’m so keen to help him lose weight so I’m sticking to the strict feeding plan.  He loves the food so that helps.

Week 8:

Charlie's energy levels have really increased, even my friends are commenting on how he can keep up with the children’s ball games now.


Charlie's been receiving a lot of attention from people who've recognised him from his Eukanuba videos on social media and he's spent quite a lot of time with his girlfriend Mollie who we've converted to Eukanuba.”

Charlie Week 12 Playing

Week 12:

“Sure enough Charlie has lost 4.5cm from his once bulging waistline! It makes me so happy to think that we’re looking after Charlie in the best possible way. He was so unfit before and now he’s got so much more energy”

He’s a completely different shape now, he’s lost 5% body weight, he’s running faster and I think he’s looks happier.


This makes me really proud”


Eukanuba’s literally helped change Charlie’s body shape and he’s even beating Francessca in running races.”

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