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About the EUKANUBA World Challenge

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the Kennel Club (UK), and EUKANUBA share a common passion: to showcase the excellence of dogs.

The 'EUKANUBA World Challenge' is a unique competition taking place once a year. The event is designed to bring together the top winning dogs from around the world and celebrate the magnificence of pure breed dogs. Participating dogs are nominated by their national Kennel Clubs or qualified at some of the world's most prestigious shows.

This year's "Best of the Best" competition will be held at the 'Amsterdam Winner Show' (12-13 December 2015) in the Netherlands, with a 7,500 EUR prize for the 'EUKANUBA World Challenge Champion', 2,500 EUR for the runner-up and 1,500 EUR for the 3rd place. The Kennel Club of the winning dog will also receive prize money in the amount of 3,500 EUR.

2015 EUKANUBA World Challenge Rules & Regulations